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We are the most experienced and reliable supplier of lattice steel structures for transmission towers in the region, providing an optimized solution based on ASCE 10-15 and AISC 360-05 standards.

Our design, manufacturing, supply and installation capabilities give us an unmatched ability to be a comprehensive and competitive supplier in the power transmission market.

Towers can have a wide variety of shapes depending on their geometry, function and the voltage of the power transported, as well as sizes. Typical height ranges from 20 meters to over 120 meters.


These structures are formed using steel profiles of angular section, they are used for power lines of all voltages, and they are the most common type for high voltage transmission lines.

The factors to be taken into account for their manufacturing are:

  • Geographical location of site.
  • Tower’s height and existing area for its installation.
  • Wind speed (region).
  • Loads to be supported by the structure.
  • Number of transmission lines and their diameter



  • The steel used is grade 36, 50 and 65.
  • Stubs are used, which are a combination of angles.
  • The fasteners used are based on ASTM A394 standard.
  • They are designed in a specialized software.
  • Hot-dip galvanized according to ASTM A123 standard.
  • Liquid paint or powder paint.


  • Ease of transport: the elements that make up the towers are transported loose, taking up little space and facilitating their handling.


  • Immediate manufacturing: with approved designs, the manufacturing and galvanizing process is very fast, to guarantee timely deliveries.


  • Quick to assemble: the assembly with angles, plates and screws to form sections is easily done with very few personnel and tools.


  • Durability: because they are hot-dip galvanized, the towers last longer, even in the most unfavorable conditions (industrial areas, marine environments).


  • Lower weight: the towers are very light and therefore economical. The low weight implies economy in their foundations.


  • Possibility of partial replacements: easy and quick change of structural elements, when circumstances require it.


  • Recyclable: when demolished, the residual value of the material is still preserved, since it is recoverable.


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