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Infrastructure and Road Safety

Infrastructure and Road Safety

In Grupo ITM we use different structural standards for the design, referring to the regulations of each country and international standards in our projects, some of the standards, with which we design and build are IBC, ASCE, UBC, AISC, ANSI, AGIES, AASHTO, as well as in manufacturing, we comply with AWS, ASTM A123/A123m, EN 1317- 5, NACE among them.


Provides both, traffic delineation and protection in case of loss of vehicle control. Metal fenders in road projects around the world prove to be the most advanced and efficient solution for road safety by absorbing the impact of the vehicle and guiding it in the direction of traffic flow


Guardrails are elements of a bridge structure that are designed to meet the criteria established in the AASHTO LRFD 2010 specification (1) for the selection of vehicular bridge guardrail systems.

The resistance a guardrail should have is a function of the daily traffic, the proportion of heavy vehicles in the total traffic and the maximum traffic speed.

Safety buoys

They are designed to perfectly support the heavy traffic, as well as the blows and impacts. They are useful to delimit avenues, parking lots, lane separation, junctions, bicycle lanes, etc. Our metal buoys have four fastening eyelets and are finished in hot-dip galvanized and/or electrostatic paint for long life.

Road Signaling

We cover all stages, from the design and calculation of structures, manufacturing, foundation and installation of road signs, to organize and regulate the activity of vehicular and pedestrian traffic of regulatory, preventive, informative, restrictive, warning and transitory type.

From the technical requirements, as well as the customer’s specifications, we look for the best solution to all the variables that may arise: the material of the structure, the location of the signs, the physiognomy of the structure’s constitution, how it adapts to the terrain, the relationship with the services and/or existing elements.


We offer constructive solutions with an excellent cost-benefit that adapt to the requirements requested by the customer and demanded by the corresponding national and international regulations.

The main structural characteristics for metal pedestrian walkways are resistance, rigidity and ductility; having to resist the different load conditions in an efficient way, possessing hardness for the different directions, in which the loads can act, both vertical and horizontal.

Traffic Lights

In addition to the pre-designed structures, we offer the customization of supports (poles, short or long brackets, gantry type structure), based on the customer’s needs.

The engineering applied in the structural design, the use of quality materials and the use of technology in the manufacturing processes, offer the security of support to the product in the environmental conditions, to which they are exposed.

Sentry Boxes

We adapt to each space and design according to the customer’s requirements and the use of the guardhouses, such as: entrance control, security booths, toll booths in highways, among others.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Low maintenance.
  • Economical, both in materials and installation.
  • Versatile, can be supplied in various settings.
  • Durable, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Various accessories available, designed to suit particular job site conditions.


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