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About the project

These are 16 surface metro stations in Panama City, which are resolved through a spatial structure composed of nodes and spheres assembled with each other by bolted joint The structure has a vaulted shape, it meets the 8 vertical supports located on both longitudinal sides by means of 8 inverted pyramids that connect the spatial vault with the 8 support columns. The structure exceeds the support level reaching to “embrace” the station up to the track level, forming a capricious longitudinal curve as can be seen in the perspective photograph. The length of the stations is 45 meters high by 25 meters wide. The cladding of the stations is made of aluminum on the roof and facades, the aluminum being perforated on said facades.

The design of this project was in charge of PEREZ & PEREZ – ARCHITECTS PLANNERS.
The continuous development of lightweight structural systems has made it possible for structures to support loads much greater than their own weight.
The spheres and other components for the union and assembly of the structure were imported from Europe.

We select our local and global suppliers under high quality standards and that have certificates such as ISO 9001, in addition to all their products certified by ASTM o DIN EN.


Three-Dimensional Structures
The structural system used for the construction of the stations is basically made up of two types of elements: nodes and bars.

The node is a spherical piece provided with a series of threaded holes according to the directions of the bars that must meet therein. The availability in terms of the possible access directions of the bars is practically complete, being only limited by the minimum angle that two contiguous bars must maintain to avoid interference between them.

The bars have a tubular profile, and have a conical bushing with an axial hole welded at each end. These bushings are crossed by screws with two threaded bodies with reverse thread directions, separated by a frustoconical surface that, after assembly, sits on the outside of the spheres. This double direction of thread allows that with a single direction of actuation on the screw, two tightenings are achieved, that of the sphere and that of the bar. The assembly guarantees the maintenance of the tightening, preventing the union from loosening due to possible vibrations.

The retraction of the screw towards the interior of the bar allows assembly and disassembly without modifying the relative positions of the two spheres it joins, even when they are in their final position.

About the project


How do we guarantee the quality of our products?
Supply chain control.
We have a quality control department that ensures compliance with the established processes.
Control of laboratory tests.
Control in the Adherence and thickness of the Galvanized.
Control in material measurements.
Control of local suppliers to guarantee the origin, quality and safety of the products purchased.
Materials based on ASTM standards with controls in their compositions.
Computerized Software.


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