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Telecommunication Towers

Telecommunication Towers

We are the most experienced and reliable supplier of lattice steel structures for telecommunication towers in the region, providing an optimized solution based on AISC, AWS, ASTM and ANSI / TIA / EIA-222-F standards.

Our design, manufacturing and supply and installation capabilities give us an unmatched ability to be a comprehensive and competitive provider in the telecommunications market.

Towers can have a wide variety of shapes due to their geometry, function, and displacement. Normal height ranges from 24 meters to more than 120 meters

Self-supporting towers

The lattice structure is formed using regularly bolted angular section steel profiles (joined by bolts), it is one of the most common in the region.

They are installed fundamentally when there are terrain limitations and / or when the quantity and dimensions of the antennas require it. These towers can have a triangular base or a square base.

Cable-stayed or braced towers

These structures have tie rods or braces (steel cables) at different distances. They are usually placed on buildings or when the terrain allows it in terms of space. The basis of the Tower will transmit compressive stress where it is supported, and braces will generally transmit tensile stresses. They can also have a triangular base or a square base.


• The structural steel used is grade A36, 50 and 65.
• Stubs that are a combination of angles are used.
• The screws used is based on the ASTM A394 standard
• They are designed in specialized software.
• Hot dip galvanized based on ASTM A123 standard
• Liquid paint or powder paint

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