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In terms of innovation and infrastructure, the project covers an area of ​​43,500 square meters (equivalent to more than 5 times the area of ​​the Doroteo Guamuch Flores National Stadium), a capacity of more than 12,000 pallets (6 times the current storage capacity) , 29 dispatch doors and a product selection system through automated voice command
Attached to the client’s demand, a large complex is built to guarantee the productivity and efficiency of the operations, made up of a full web structure, lattice structures and large spatial structures.
The project was developed with the advice of the Guatemala Green Building Council, a sustainable construction council that seeks to promote the best design practices in the country.
This distribution center will generate 22 percent of the energy through solar panels and the rest through other renewable energy sources. In addition, it has waste management, a water treatment plant and an efficient water use system of 45 percent. This translates into an energy efficiency of 46 percent, with which this new PepsiCo facility will be applying LEED certification.

Full web structures, lattice structures and spatial structures were used
Some of the standards with which we design and build are: IBC, ASCE, UBC, AISC, ANSI, AGIES, AASHT0. Likewise, in manufacturing we comply with AWS, ASTM A123/A123m, EN 1317-5, NACE.
BIM Methodology (Building Information Modelling)
We select our local and global suppliers under high quality standards and that have certificates such as ISO 9001, ASTM o DIN EN.

In addition, the materials of this project are FM approved.
Use of CNC machines
Just-in-time methodology
Cellular Manufacturing
Multi-skilled workers
Pull Production
How do we guarantee the quality of our products?
• Supply chain control.
• We have a quality control department that ensures compliance with the established processes.
• Control of laboratory tests.
• Control in the Adherence and thickness of the Galvanized.
• Control in material measurements.
• Control of local suppliers to guarantee the origin, quality and safety of the products purchased.
• Materials based on ASTM standards with controls in their compositions.
• Computerized Software.

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